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It became apparent on our Facebook Page that those with Scottish Ancestry regardless if they took the time to research their Scottish Family Histories or not, had a genuine interest in discussing where their families came from and just loved to share their family stories.

In light of this we decided to create Kilted Ancestors!

So what is Kilted Ancestors?


It is a place where anyone with Scottish Ancestry can share everything from Photographs, Stories, details of Artefacts, Letters, information on where your Ancestors came from or anything else relating to your Scottish Roots.  Social History is a big part of Genealogy it is what brings our Ancestors to life therefore, it is important to keep these stories alive!

Why not get your entire family involved?  What better way to share stories!

You can post anything anytime, though we will create 'Monthly Themes' to help inspire you....the best part is its FREE! 



How do I get involved with Kilted Ancestors?


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You don't have to follow the Monthly Prompts and can post anything relating to your Scottish Roots at anytime you want.  You can post as much or little as you wish its entirely up to you.

At the end of each month we will select our Favourite posts & will highlight these with permission to help inspire you all….maybe yours will be featured!

The best part is it costs nothing!   Time to get involved!

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Featured post from September

In September the Monthly Theme was 'Common Names'.  We asked you to share stories about the names that carried down your family & where they came from

Christine Woodcock told us about the names in her family:-

I have 37 Henry Fowlers in my tree! My great great Grandfather. My grandpa was named Henry after Henry Fowler (Henry Fowler Crawford) and Henry repeats as first or second names all through our line.

My aunt is named for the district nurse that was at her delivery. My granny had pretty much run out of names by then! Several Uncles named for their uncles or in-law uncles.

It has helped to know the repeating names. Like knowing where they family hailed from, I can easily determine how close anyone else with one of the names is associated with our branch of the Crawford Tree


Christine makes a good point!  In that often this helped her find relatives as the names carried down in the family.

Remember there is still time to claim my guide on UK Naming Patterns & how these can help your own family search, get in touch via the contact page & request this now.

Time to get involved with Kilted Ancestors, will your post be featured next month? 

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