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It became apparent on our Facebook Page that those with Scottish Ancestry regardless if they took the time to research their Scottish Family Histories or not, had a genuine interest in discussing where their families came from and just loved to share their family stories.

In light of this we decided to create Kilted Ancestors!

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So what is Kilted Ancestors?

It is a place where anyone with Scottish Ancestry can share everything from Photographs, Stories, details of Artefacts, Letters, information on where your Ancestors came from or anything else relating to your Scottish Roots.  Social History is a big part of Genealogy it is what brings our Ancestors to life therefore, it is important to keep these stories alive!

Why not get your entire family involved?  What better way to share stories!

You can post anything anytime, though we will create 'Monthly Prompts' to help inspire you....the best part is its FREE! 

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How do I get involved with Kilted Ancestors?

You can sign-up to receive updates on 'Kilted Ancestors' and receive the 'Monthly Themes' via the below box.

Join our Private Facebook Group 'Kilted Ancestors - Share Stories about your Scottish Ancestry'

Or, when you receive the Monthly Theme you can create a Social Media post via Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. share your story relating to that particular topic (these are open to your own interpretation so go wild)....just be sure to use the hashtag #KiltedAncestors within your post so that others can find it like it and perhaps even comment on it.

To follow #KiltedAncestors type the hashtag into your Social Media Search and select Follow, this means that you will then see other peoples posts on your home feed and can interact with them.

You don't have to follow the Monthly Prompts and can post anything relating to your Scottish Roots at anytime you want.  You can post as much or little as you wish its entirely up to you.

The best part is it costs nothing!   Time to get involved!

If you have any queries please contact us via the below link, we will be happy to help

Scotlands Year of Stories 2022

Visit Scotland has deemed 2022 Year of Stories, something that we feel fits so well with Scottish History & Family History Stories.

During 2022 the Kilted Ancestors Facebook Group will be providing a range of FREE Activities & Events that embrace this amazing topic.


We have a range of small businesses & individuals lined up to tell the Stories of Scotland & share tips & trick on how you can tell your own family stories!  Dont miss out, join now & be sure to invite your Friends & Family along.

#ys2022 #talesofscotland


Kilted Kulture Conference

We will also be hosting a Virtual Conference named 'Kilted Kulture' which will take place quarterly with each event being based on four themes which will also tie into with the Kilted Ancestors Facebook group.


For each of these events will have some amazing guest speakers who will provide presentations relating to the theme for that quarter.


Check out the Kilted Kulture Webpage for more details.

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