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It became apparent on our Facebook Page that those with Scottish Ancestry regardless if they took the time to research their Scottish Family Histories or not, had a genuine interest in discussing where their families came from and just loved to share their family stories.

In light of this we decided to create Kilted Ancestors!

So what is Kilted Ancestors?


It is a place where anyone with Scottish Ancestry can share everything from Photographs, Stories, details of Artefacts, Letters, information on where your Ancestors came from or anything else relating to your Scottish Roots.  Social History is a big part of Genealogy it is what brings our Ancestors to life therefore, it is important to keep these stories alive!

Why not get your entire family involved?  What better way to share stories!

You can post anything anytime, though we will create 'Monthly Themes' to help inspire you....the best part is its FREE! 



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Featured post from July

In July the Monthly Theme was 'Interesting Document'.  We asked you to share stories about any interesting documents you found withing your Family.

Robyn Hamilton from Australia told us about her Ancestor Timothy Laycock:-

My Paternal GG Grandparents Joseph and Elizabeth Laycock (nee Wilson) and three of their young sons, Thomas 6, Walter 4, and John 2 travelled out from the old country on the ship "Glen Isla" leaving Liverpool on 25th March, 1857 and arriving in Sydney Australia on 2nd July, 1857.


Soon after their arrival they were engaged by Stephen Spencer to work in Barraba, New South Wales on his property named "Ironbark Station" which was owned and run by his Spencer family who were distant relatives of the late Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. Three more sons, James, Charles and Joseph (who sadly only lived for 20 days) were all born in New South Wales before they decided to move to Roma to live and work in Queensland with Stephen and Mary Spencer (nee Smith) had purchased the 1/2 million acre property called Mt Abundance.


Timothy Laycock was my Great Grandfather. He was the first baby born at Roma at Mt Abundance Station on 16th May 1863. To put the time in perspective. This was in the early days of Western Queensland being settled. On 6 June 1859 Queen Victoria signed Letters Patent to form the colony of Queensland. A proclamation was read by George Bowen on 10 December 1859 whereupon Queensland was formally separated from New South Wales. The Township of Roma has the distinction of being the first town gazetted in the new colony of Queensland. By 1864 it had its own court of petty sessions, police station, doctor, chemist, and postmaster. The town was connected by telegraph to Dalby and Brisbane in Queensland in 1866. The town was proclaimed a municipality in 1867.


In the records of Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages my GGrandfather's date of birth is shown as 24th May, 1863 even though his actual date of birth was 16th May 1863. This was because in those days, Joseph my GGGrandfather who had 5 other children to look after took several days to get to the Township of Roma to register the birth of his new born child. So Timothy's date of birth is often recorded as 24th May, 1863 in Family Trees instead of the 16th May, 1863. Our Family Bible which was brought out from Yorkshire with the family in 1857 and it has all the dates of birth and deaths and places of the early family events recorded in it. Sometimes even the times of death have been recorded. It confirmed Timothy's date of birth and place as "Timothy Laycock born at Mt Abundance 16th May, 1863" written in the handwriting of his own mother Elizabeth Laycock.


In 1993 I was also given a Family Bible that belonged to my GGrandfather & in his own handwriting from 1923 he writes his date and place of birth as 16th May 1863 at Mt Abundance. When we are doing our Family History research it tells us even though the official records show a date sometimes that date can be incorrect. This was one of the most important documents I was able to use during my research of my family history and it just goes to show the importance of these precious documents.

Timothy Laycock


Thanks Robyn, this just proves that official documents can contain errors!  You were lucky to receive the bible confirming his correct date of birth otherwise the date on your tree would have been wrong.  

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