The War Graves of St Catherines,

Barmby-on-the-Moor, East Riding, Yorkshire

Project Introduction Page

It was whilst attending the 102 Squadron Association Reunion at Pocklington, Yorkshire in 2019 that this project came about. 


I heard that there were quite a few Bomber Command Graves at Barmby Moor and being a Genealogist with a keen interest in WW2 Bomber Command, I just had to take a look.

Following the AGM on the Sunday I got chatting to the Minister from Barmby Moor who said that she would like the Children from the area to know more about who these men were.   After all they are a lot more than just Names & Dates etched in Stone....these men served, fought and died for their country!    

St Catherines Church, Barmby Moor

Section containing RAF Graves at Barmby Moor

War Memorial at Barmby Moor

The War Graves

There are a total of 55 War Graves within the Churchyard at St Catherines Church, Barmby Moor.

One of these is from WW1 and the remainder served with the Air Force during WW2 

Due to the size of the project it has been broken down into several pages.  These include two pages for Crews & one for Individuals (when only one person from the Aircraft is buried at Barmby Moor).

Please get in touch via the email link below if you have either connections or a special interest in this project or if you would like Bomber Command Research carried out on your behalf.

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Unveiling of the War Memorial

The 'Cross of Sacrifice' as shown in the image above was unveiled at a service on Thursday 17th June 1952 at 7pm.

Index of Names


Joseph Cooper - Individuals page


Robert Baker Albright - Crews Page 2

Frank Allen - Crews Page 2

Henry Edwin Amos - Crews Page 1

Maxwell Warnock Apperson - Crews Page 2

Thomas Archibald - Individuals Page

Gerald Spencer Barrett - Crews Page 2

Douglas Arnold Bellerby - Crews Page 2

Victor Edward Betterton - Crews Page 2

Sydney Bruce Bintley - Crews Page 2

Charles Harold Latshaw Brown- Crews Page 1

Francis Henry Brown - Crews Page 2

William Browning - Crews Page 2

Trevor Charles Coles - Crews Page 1

Wilfred Phelps Comrie - Crews Page 1

Hugh Edwin Donson - Crews Page 2

Henry Farquharson Ley - Crews Page 1

William Hugh Fetherston - Crews Page 1

Alvah Wilkie Flansburgh Washbourne  - Crews Page 1

James David Garrow - Crews Page 1

John Burton Gayfer - Crews Page 1

Arthur James Graham - Crews Page 2

Michael Harold Griffith - Individuals Page

Charles Hackney- Crews Page 1

Douglas William Francis Harper - Crews Page 1

Basil Graham Hart - Crews Page 2

William Patrick James - Individuals Page

Osborne Bayfield LeFurgey - Crews Page 1

Clive Gordon Lord - Crews Page 2

James Matthew Maxon - Crews Page 2

John McCormack - Crews Page 1

John Allan McPhee - Crews Page 2

Douglas Charles Moon - Individuals Page

Gerald John Morgan - Crews Page 2

John Taylor Murray - Crews Page 1

John Eric Nicholson - Crews Page 1

Basil Norris - Crews Page 2

Thomas Reid Owens - Crews Page 2

Reginald Percy Payton - Individuals Page

Michael Norman Reilly  - Crews Page 1

Reginald Francis Robb - Crews Page 1

William Alan Robertson - Crews Page 1

Cecil Richard Rundle - Crews Page 1

Cyril Arthur Saunders - Individuals Page

Henry Edward Richard Saunders - Crews Page 1

Derick Arthur Dudley Soggee - Crews Page 2

Myles Christian Campbell Squiers - Crews Page 1

William McGee Stag - Individuals page

George Frederick Strong - Crews Page 2

Walter Irvine Strother - Crews Page 2

Norman Watson Thompson - Crews Page 2

William Charles Thurlow - Crews Page 2

Frederick Peter Turton - Crews Page 2

Keith Winterton- Crews Page 1

Peter Wityck - Crews Page 1

Special Thanks

I would like to offer Special Thanks to the following people for their assistance with this Project:-

Harry Bartlett, 102 Squadron Association

Reverand Jan Hardy & Gordon Fallowfield, St Catherines Church

Ian MacMillan, Historian, 10 Squadron Association

Gordon Scaife, Town Clerk, Pocklington Town Council

Online Cenotaph and Pou Maumahara Memorial Discovery Centre

David King, Aircrew Remembrance Society

Mary Reilly, Fife

Scott Gillies, Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum

Peter Heather, East Surrey Family History Society

Margaret Rose, Canada

Nick Peaty

Peter Toms, Brighton Grammar School, Victoria

Calista Lucy, Keeper of the Archive, Dulwich College

Chuck Tolley, Archivist, 158 Squadron Association

Jan Bryars, Oadby – Remembering the Past Group

Dave Woodcock

John Motherwell, a Frined & Canadian Bomber Boy

David Collins

Alan Smyllie


John Lauder, a 'Bomber Boy' himself he has became a Great Friend who has not only assisted me in understanding points in this project but from whom I have learned so much about Bomber Command in General.

Street Names

The Local Town Council would go on to commemorate some of the men who are buried at Barmby Moor by naming new streets in their honour.


A video of one of the ceremonies can be seen below 

Memorial at RAF Pocklington

A Memorial stands at the Wolds Gliding Club, the old home of RAF Pocklington & commemorates those who lost their lives whilst serving with 102 (Ceylon) Squadron RAF & 405 (Vancouver) Squadron RCAF during World War Two

Note:- This work is subject to copyright, if you would like to reproduce any part please get in touch to discuss.  We would be more than happy to chat with you regarding this.

We are happy for anyone to share the link to this page/project via Social Media or webpages. 

Image courtesy of Alan Smyllie

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