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All our Publications are available by either contacting us or purchasing via our Etsy or Ebay Shops

Scottish Family History - Forms & Glossaries Starter Disc


Family History Starter Pack

Disc contains 13 x Genealogical Glossaries/Guides & 22 Printable Forms to start you off on Researching your Family Tree in Scotland.   

A lot of the Glossaries are aimed at Scottish Research though most of the forms could be used when researching in other countries.

Guides & Glossaries:- Australian Vital Records List, Grave Rubbing Guide, Latin Forenames Glossary – Over 490 with the English meanings, Old Genealogical Terms Glossary – over 1100 with meanings, Old Illnesses – over 280 with meanings, Old Occupations Glossary – over 480 with descriptions, Plagues, Diseases & disasters in history – did your ancestor die during a plague?, Relationship Chart, Scottish Parish List, Time Capsule Guide, UK Census Dates & Guidance Notes & a UK Naming Pattern Guide.

Genealogy Forms:- 4 Generation Ancestor Chart, 7 Generation Fan Chart, Article Reading List Form, Artefact & Heirloom Form, Biographical Outline Form, Birth Entry Transcription Form, Book Checklist Form, Book Wishlist Form, Cemetery Transcription Form, Census Transcription Form, Correspondence Record Form, Death Entry Transcription Form, Family Group Summary Sheet, Marriage Entry Transcription Form, Military Service Record Form, Oral Family History Interview Form, Repository Information/Checklist Form, Research Extract Transcription Form, Research Journal Form, Research Log Form, Source Summary Form & Table of Contents Form

These are supplied In PDF format at a cost of £5.99

New Monkland Churchyard Monuments & Memorials Disc set


New Monkland Grave Inscriptions

New Monkland Churchyard contains stones per the official lair map from 1685, the earliest date I found on a stone was 1723 and the latest into the 1970s.   The area around the church was used until 1845 with the new section (Sections A, B, C & D on the plan) being opened mid-1845.   The new cemetery was opened in 1879 although burials were still being carried out within the churchyard after this time.  The Alphabetical list provided contains over 5300 names or set of initials.

I was lucky enough to have access to a Lair map for the Churchyard which was noted as being a Burgh of Airdrie Revised Tracing dated November 1970.  This was a big help as it helped identify names that were perhaps not readable on the stones or where stones where perhaps missing.  

This publication comes on 2 DVD Discs and includes an Alphabetical Index which can be used to identify the numbers of the relevant photograph(s) these are filed under each section per the churchyard section plan also provided. 
The Alphabetical index also details within the further notes column who was named on the lair map along with other details such as regiments, titles etc.   Women are indexed under both Married and Maiden name where detailed.

Persons detailed on the Official lair map but where no grave was found are also named on the Alphabetical Index.

Images of local Commemorative Monuments in the New Monkland area have also been included and the names indexed.  These include VC, War & Disaster Monuments along with their images.

Image files are in Jpeg format and index/churchard plan in PDF.

The disc set costs £9.99 and is available via either my Etsy or Ebay shops or by contacting me direct.  

Please keep checking back for further Publications

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