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The Monuments of New Monkland Churchyard (including local Commemorative Monuments)


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new monkland churchyard

Looking for family who lived in New Monkland Parish?

Perhaps they are buried in New Monkland Churchyard or Commemorated on a local Memorial!

I initially took the images for this project a couple of years before commencing work on it and am glad I did as erosion of the stones was obvious over that time.


New Monkland Churchyard contains stones per the official lair map from 1685, the earliest date I found on a stone was 1723 and the latest into the 1970s.   The area around the church was used until 1845 with the new section to the side and over the wall being opened mid 1845.   The new cemetery was opened in 1879 although burials were still being carried out within the churchyard after this time.


I was lucky enough to have access to an Official Lair map for the Churchyard which was noted as being a Burgh of Airdrie Revised Tracing dated November 1970.    This was a big help as it helped identify names that were perhaps not readable on the stones or where stones where missing. 

Images of local Commemorative Monuments in the New Monkland area have also been included and the names indexed.  These include VC, War & Disaster Monuments.

The button below takes you to the lists of people commemorated, there are over 5300 names indexed. Women are indexed under both Married and Maiden name where known.  The complete project is available on 2 Discs at a cost of £9.99 or if you would like to purchase an image/set of images** relating to one grave these can be emailed at a cost of £4.00*** along with the list of all people indexed under the same lair and any notes regarding being named on the lair map, regiment, title, occupation etc.  Payment is taken via Paypal and images received thereafter.

Just drop me an email with the name of the person and the section/grave reference number e.g. James YUILL C82.   Note that If a persons name is on the Official lair map but no grave was found then only the letter will be given for example ‘E’ this means that a  stone was not found for that person but that they are buried in section E, therefore no images are available.



*    You may need to download Adobe to be able to read this document on your computer

**   Note that all images are subject to Copywrite.   They are intended for your own family history purposes only, if you would like to use them for any publication, website etc then permission must be obtained from Treehouse Genealogy

**  We may reduce the cost of supplying images depending on the legibility, note this is at our discretion

Note:- Although we have taken the utmost care in gathering and indexing this information we can give no guarantee to the accuracy of the information provided since a lot of the stones are worn or damaged.

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