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Bettys Bar York - Solace of Yorkshires WW2 Airmen

Updated: Jul 21

I had read about Betty's Bar in York and during a recent reunion with 102 Squadron Association & just had to pay it a visit.

Bettys Café Tea Rooms are 100 years old this year and offer a traditional eating experience to the customer. Their exquisitely decorated rooms at St Helens Square almost transport the customer back in time to an era of afternoon tea with teapots, cups and saucers and cakes being served from beautiful cake stands.

You can see a short video of Bettys here

But it was the service that they provided during World War 2 to the Squadrons of the Yorkshire Based 4 Group RAF that interested me!

The service on this occasion wasn’t its tea and cake but its bars!

Years before the war the owner had applied for and obtained an alcohol licence before opening two bars, a cocktail bar on the ground floor and a further bar which became known as ‘The Dive’ in the basement area.