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BBC Virtual Reality 1943 Berlin Blitz Experience

Updated: Jul 21

At the end of last year I heard a news report on the BBC that a new Virtual Reality Experience which allowed viewers to be transported back in time to the 3rd September 1943 when a Lancaster Bomber took off from 207 Squadrons base at RAF Langar in Nottinghamshire to take part in a raid to Bomb Berlin.

Given my special interest in Bomber Command and the fact that my Great Uncle had been taking part in Missions to bomb Berlin about this time I just knew that I wanted to experience this! So when I heard that our local library would be holding events to experience this, I quickly signed up.

Virtual Reality or ‘VR’ for short is a computer generated simulation of a three dimensional image that can be interacted with in a real way. The viewer sees this via special electronic equipment which includes a headset with screen and handheld control.