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Review - Badges & Uniforms of the Royal Air Force by Malcolm C Hobart

Updated: Oct 3

What’s it about?

The Royal Air Force may be the youngest of the three-armed services but its near century-old history ranks amongst the finest annals of our national heritage. The sacrifice, skill & bravery of those who have worn 'light blue' in many forms are legendary.

It is therefore vital that the tens of thousands of men & women who have given the RAF its world-renowned reputation should not be over-shadowed by the aircraft they have flown in or supported on the ground. The uniforms & insignia so proudly worn by members of the RAF & its predecessor, the Royal Flying Corps, as well as by the WRAF, RAF Reserve & Auxiliary Services, Air Training Corps & the little publicised Royal Observer Corps, deserve a definitive work. Fortunately, Malcolm Hobart has skilfully addressed this deficiency. Badges & Uniforms of the Royal Air Force is a vital work for militaria collectors & all those with a particular interest in the history of the RAF & aviation.