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WW1 Airmen Project – The Men of the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service & Royal Air Force

Updated: Jul 21

In the decade before World War One the race was on for man to take flight! The Wright Brothers conquered this in 1903 when their aircraft reached a height of 10 feet & travelled a distance of 200 feet.

Many other inventors tried to make better & faster machines, including Robert ‘Rab’ Black a cousin of my Great Grandmother! As a young boy my Grandfather & his brothers would stand in a field & watch Rab with his own flying machine reach the height of the telegraph poles. How exciting it must have been!

In 1911 the Army set up an Air Battalion of the Royal Engineers which would change to the Royal Flying Corps the following year.

The first flight over the English channel would take place in 1912 by Louis Bleriot….Aviation was increasing rapidly!

Aviation saw a spike in greeting cards being produced showing early aircraft -

Images from TuckDB Postcards (Public Domain)

As World War One broke out the Royal Navy would create their own air arm in the Royal Naval Air Service which along with the Royal Flying Corps would carry out reconnaissance missions in the early stages of the war with great effect.

As the war progressed these Aircraft went on to become fighters & bombers with both services merging to become the Royal Air Force on the 1s