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Kilted Ancestors 2024 (Sharing Stories that resonate through the Generations)

Updated: Jan 3

It is hard to believe it is that time again!

If you are a member of our Kilted Ancestors Facebook Group then you will know that we set a theme for the year ahead & give prompts each month to encourage members to discuss stories in their families or things they have come across whilst researching their Ancestry.

The topic for 2024 is ‘Sharing’ (Sharing Stories that resonate through the Generations), we felt this would be an amazing topic to encourage members to not only share more about their research with other group members but perhaps with their own families too.

The Monthly topics will be as follows: -

January – Scottish Traditions & Customs

As Burns Night falls in January we felt this was the perfect month to explore different Scottish Traditions.  We hope that members will share with us what they do to celebrate Burns Night but we would also like to hear more about any customs your family might have in relation to weddings, holidays etc.

We would love to hear how these have been passed down in your family & why.

February – Scottish Surname Exploration

We would love to hear about the origins of some of your family surnames!  Has your Surname changed through time?   February will be an amazing month to discuss the meanings & origins of surnames as well as sharing websites that may assist with your research.

We will invite members to share the surnames they are researching to see if it is possible to make connections with other members.

March – Ancestral Homes Tour & Photo Extravaganza

During March we are encouraging members to share pictures of either the homes or locations tied in with their families.  This could be the place in Scotland where your family came from or a place they immigrated to.


Regardless if your family lived in a picturesque cottage in the highlands or a tenement in the city these representations can spark interesting discussions!

April – Heritage Travel Bucket List

I am sure we all have places we would like to visit!  As you research your family tree it is hard to ignore the places our Ancestors called Home.  During the month we will encourage members to create a ‘Bucket List’ of places they would like to visit based on their family history.  Where would you like to visit & why? 

What Museums are there in this area that could tell us more about these places?  What can they tell us about Social History, Industry etc.

May – Old Family Photo & Documents Challenge

We want members to share their top 3 family photos during May, tell us who is in the photo & why they are in your top 3.

We also want you to share any interesting documents you have found, has something shocked or surprised you? 

June – Cemetery Exploration Challenge

By now the weather should be a bit better so we are encouraging members to get out & explore the places our Ancestors are buried.   We would love you to share photographs, stories & your findings.

We will discuss Burial Records & websites you might be able to use in your research & would encourage members to share details of the most interesting Graveyards they have come across or the most fascinating finds.

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July – Utilising Oral History Interviews

During July we will discuss the value of Oral History interviews in Scottish Genealogy & will discuss how to conduct & preserve Interviews.  We will also discuss the best ways to store & back these up.

We would love to hear of any websites you have come across that have Oral History Interviews too.

August – Genealogy Shelfie Month

Yes Shelfie & not Selfie (we mean photos of your Shelves) A Hobby like Genealogy sees us all sit at our desks for hours on end!   With that in mind we invite members to share images of their Genealogy Workspaces.  This could include photos at your desk, computer setups, unique tools you use to research or your shelves of books.

This is a great way for each of us to connect on a more personal level!

September – Heirloom Showcase

We welcome members to share images of any Heirlooms that have been passed down in the family & share the story connected to the item

October – Family Timelines

During October we will discuss how historical events impacted on our families history & how we might document events in our own lifetime.

Have you discovered that a relative was involved in a historic event?  Then share details with the group.

November – Ancestral Recipe Exchange

Did you have Ancestors who were famed for certain dishes?   We invite members to share traditional recipes & invite others to try then out.

We will look at website or links for Scottish Recipes that others can try & will discuss things we all like & dislike

December – Genealogy Success Stories

Let’s highlight our success stories!   Have you managed to overcome a brick wall?   Made a Shocking discovery?  Or something else?  

Sharing these research stories is an amazing way to inspire other members on their own journeys.

Get Involved

If you are not already a member of the Kilted Ancestors Private Facebook group then why not join now?

Remember that you can discuss these monthly themes in the group with other members. 

But that they also provide inspiration to write a blog article yourself, post on Social Media or just discuss your thoughts with family. If you are sharing something online remember to use our Hashtag #KiltedAncestors


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