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Genealogy Summer Sessions

The Kilted Kulture Conferences arranged by Christine Woodcock & myself during 2022 embraced Scotland’s Year of Stories & were a huge success.

We wanted to arrange something during 2023, so created some polls asking our followers what they struggled with & what type of events they would like to see in the future.

These polls revealed that many struggled with organising their Family History research, let’s face it there are always a massive number of tasks on the to do list!

However, there were also a lot of people who wanted to find interesting ways to share their findings, there is no point in spending all that time doing research if you are not going to share it with family, right?

​​We also made the decision that rather than having a day conference with multiple speakers we could have ‘Summer Sessions’ with one speaker per session during the month of July. We felt this would be more personal & that during each session attendees could share anything they had worked on from the previous session.

As we both run the ‘Kilted Ancestors’ Facebook Group we also decided we run it in conjunction with the group so that people could share what they had been working on in the group in the weeks or months after the sessions.

Join us for the Kilted Ancestors ‘Genealogy Summer Sessions’ when we will show you how to 'Organise & Share your Family History.'​

Each event will last about an hour & the cost for all four sessions will be £10 (about $17 CAD or $12 USD**).​

Events will take place over zoom - Don’t worry if you can’t make it on the day as recordings will be available for 30 days thereafter.​

Monday 10th July at 4pm (UK), 11am (Eastern), 8am (Pacific)

Getting Organised with a little help from Trello with Clare Wilson

With Genealogy & Historic research we are confronted with a never-ending list of things to do, Trello is an amazing free ‘list making’ tool to help you keep track of your research.

Using Trello’s you can create reminders for research tasks, build an itinerary for a Genealogy conference, schedule tasks, manage projects & much more.

Monday 17th July at 4pm (UK), 11am (Eastern), 8am (Pacific)​

Blogging your Family History with Christine Woodcock

Blogging is a great way to document and share your family history. It is also great “cousin bait”. When others researching your ancestors, Google will help them to find your blog where you have documented your research and your stories.​

If you are unfamiliar with blogs, this will be a great starting point. If you are already using blogs, this will be a great refresher. Learn the basics of blogging, tagging and adding media to your family history research.

Monday 24th July at 4pm (UK), 11am (Eastern), 8am (Pacific)​

Pinterest for Genealogy with Clare Wilson

Pinterest is a way of bookmarking websites. How many times during you research have you found an interesting website but when you go back to look for it you just can’t find it! ​

With Pinterest you can arrange your bookmarked websites into categories or ‘boards’ that can easily be pulled up when ‘you’ need them. You can also follow people who are sharing content that you are interested in & save their content.

​However, Pinterest is about much more than saving websites. It also has the potential to create a Memorial Board where family members can contribute images or stories relating to a particular person or as a tool to plan a route for the much-anticipated trip to visit the place your Ancestors lived. ​

Monday 31st July at 4pm (UK), 11am (Eastern), 8am (Pacific)​

Save, Organise & Share your Family Memories with Christine Woodcock

Learn how to use permanent, secure cloud storage to save, organize, preserve and share your family’s treasured memories.

This includes photos, documents, recipes, stories, old home movies, videos and even audio recordings.

**Booking is made via Christine Woodcocks website via the below link so currency conversion rates may differ

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