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The Scottish 1921 Census is here!

This past week we saw the release of the 1921 Census rather appropriately on St Andrews Day.

For many this provides the opportunity to see Parents or Grandparents born before the 19th June 1921 listed on the Census for the first time.

This much anticipated census was taken on the evening of the 19th/20th June 1921 & has been released on the Scotland’s People Website, the cost per entry is 6 credits or £1.50.

Returns contain the following: - The address where the family lived, number of occupants & number of rooms in the house. Name, relationships to head of house, sex, age, birthplace & nationality of individuals. Occupation & the status of that occupation e.g., working, retired. Unlike previous Census returns it is interesting to learn who each of their employers was. Details of National Health Insurance & ages of Dependent Children.

As the release of this collection was delayed it does mean that we have much less time to wait until the release of the 1931 Census & as one of my sets of Grandparents are not yet showing in the 1921 return it will be nice to see them in the next census. Do remember however that the 1931 Census for England/Wales was destroyed.

For me it was nice to be able to view the entries of both my Maternal Grandparents. Also following the death of my Great Great Grandfather who left the running of his Pub to two of his children it was lovely to see that his daughter Jessie continued to live above the pub with her family & his son Alex although assisting in the running of the pub was living nearby in a cottage with his family.


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