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Release of the 1921 England & Wales Census

Updated: Nov 20

The 1921 Census for England & Wales is set to be released on Findmypast on the 6th January 2022 & it feels like a long wait given that the 1911 Census for England & Wales was released early in 2009. The early release of the 1911 Census came about when Genealogist Guy Etchells challenged the National Archives for its early release in 2006. A similar appeal lead to the 1939 Register also being issued early.

Taken on the evening of the 19-20th June, the 1921 Census is pretty important for a number of reasons:-

· it contains information not previously documented in previous Census Returns such as the name & address of employers.

· it allowed someones marital status to be recorded as ‘Divorced’

· it will be the last Census released for sometime as the 1931 Census was destroyed by fire in 1942 & there was no 1941 Census taken due to World War 2. Although the 1939 Register which has previously been released does provide details of where individuals were living in September of that year.

Taking the Census - Public Domain - Wikicommons

Findmypast were awarded the contract to publish the Census in 2019 & through a partnership with the National Archives in Kew have worked to digitise, transcribe & index the names from over 30,000 volumes. A process that saw a delay of about 3 months due to the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown.