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The Hidden Branch - an amazing community for Young Genealogists

Treehouse Genealogy would like to thank The Hidden Branch

for contributing the following guest article to our website.

Note that The Hidden Branch are by no means

Affiliated with Treehouse Genealogy.

The Hidden Branch was founded in October 2019 by Tyler Truong, Emily Moore, and Daniel Loftus, who met through Instagram where they were documenting their genealogy. Our founding members decided to start a blog group to share their passion, hoping to encourage other teens and young people to get involved in genealogy. They set up social media and a website for The Hidden Branch, and throughout 2020 the team and our ideas began to grow.

Now, almost 3 years from where we started, we post regular blogs about various genealogy-related topics. We have “Tuesday Tips” posts which are closer to our roots of educating and advising about genealogy in various places worldwide. We also post on Fridays, covering more widespread topics relating to our personal genealogy research, historical events related to family history, and our “Voices of Genealogy” interview series with various working professionals within genealogy.