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Mystery War Dead Pictures found among Family Belongings

Updated: Mar 2

It was during the recent passing of my Husbands Grandmother that we decided to have a look through some of their old family photographs

I am sure that lots of us have piles of old family photos in our possession with many that are unmarked with details of who is in the photograph or when and where it was taken.

As the Family Historian many sets of photographs have fallen into my possession and when I do receive them I try to ask what family I can if they know any of the people within them so that I can make notes on the rear in Pencil and then scan them to my Computer so that they can be found quickly in the future and be handled less.

However, there are still a large bunch that are unknown and possibly always will be, such a shame when as Genealogists we would give anything to see images of some of the family members in our trees.

It was whilst going through his Grandmother & Grandfathers box of old photographs that I came across several pictures of war graves each with a bunch of flowers placed on each as a mark of commemoration.

My Husbands Grandfather Andrew served with the Royal Engineers in Europe during World War 2 but out of all of these only one of the images related to someone who served with the Royal Engineers. On the rear of this image black and white image is the date 23/10/1969.

Image taken in 1969

The remainder of the images all related to men from the Royal Air Force, we were curious! Who were these men? Did Andrew know them from back home in Scotland, did he meet them whilst serving overseas?

Either way Andrew and the people with him in the images took the time to visit these graves, lay flowers and have their pictures taken with the stones back in 1984, the date printed on the rear of the pictures.

This year Andrew also appears to have attended an event at ‘Success Bridge’ a bridge that the Royal Engineers built at the Mark Canal in Oosterhout, Holland.

Some stones in these images are hard to read and will take a high-resolution scan to help decipher the names and any other details.

On the rear off one of the images which shows several graves is the name ‘Tammy’ written in pencil….is one of these men ‘Tammy’, where they perhaps Tammy’s photographs?

Written on the rear of this image is the name 'Tammy'

I should be able to ascertain from the Commonwealth War Graves Sites where the men are buried and try to find out more about who they were and what Andrews connection to them might be.

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